Landlord/Tenant Law Attorneys in Wausau, Wisconsin

At Ellison & O'Connor, LLC, we help landlords navigate the difficult process of determining when a tenant can be evicted and how to evict a tenant. This includes helping landlords determine whether a tenant must be given a 5-day notice, a 14-day notice, a 28-day notice, or a 30-day notice before an eviction can be filed. It also includes helping landlords file an eviction with the circuit court and handle the case through the eviction trial.

Your Wausau Landlord/Tenant Attorney

If you're a landlord in need of legal counsel in Wausau or a surrounding area of Wisconsin, don't hesitate to contact Ellison & O'Connor, LLC. There, you'll find clear guidance and strong representation in attorney Brandon O'Connor. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.