Child Custody & Support Attorneys in Wausau, Wisconsin

Ellison & O'Connor, LLC, family law attorneys help parents successfully resolve child custody and child support matters. We help parents in and around the Wausau area. Whether you are concerned about custody or child support, our extensive negotiation and litigation experiences can lead to optimum outcomes.

Determining Child Custody And Parenting Plans

In Wisconsin, there is a presumption that both parents should have joint legal custody of the children. There are some exceptions. If you feel that the children may be in danger or there are other reasons to pursue sole custody, our attorneys will help you build a case for sole custody. In general, our clients want to have control of the custody arrangements.

Our attorneys will create parenting plans that reflect our clients' wishes and that also fulfills the statutory requirements. In many cases, it is possible to get both parents to agree to the parenting plan in which case, the family law judges in Wisconsin are more likely to approve the plan. Generally, a parenting plan will provide the judge with information about the children and the family, including:

  • The division of physical custody
  • The residence of both parents and their future living plans
  • The employment of parents and their schedules
  • Children's school
  • Children's hospital
  • Children's health care insurance
  • Children's religion
  • Who has decision-making authority
  • Holidays
  • Summer schedules

For over 130 years, our firm has helped to divorce individuals create safe environments for their children. We can do the same for you by drafting robust parenting plans. Additionally, if circumstances change we also assist parents in modifying child custody arrangements.

Child Support Payments And Enforcement

Child support payments are taken very seriously by the state of Wisconsin. If you are falling behind in your child support payments, it is better to request child support modifications before the court finds you in contempt.

Finally, the division of child custody will affect how child support is awarded. In many cases, equal parenting time can reduce or eliminate the amount of child support that is awarded. As such, a skilled family law lawyer can help you pursue custody arrangements that protect the children and your finances.

Protecting Children

We are family law attorneys who can help you navigate the complex custody issues. Our attorneys will answer your questions. To discuss your caseĀ email our firm.