Domestic Violence Attorneys in Wausau, Wisconsin

Domestic violence charges and convictions carry a stigma that will follow an accused client for many years. Because of the stigma associated with domestic violence charges in Wisconsin, it is imperative that clients retain an attorney as soon as possible and avoid providing a statement. In many cases, domestic violence conflicts arise out of familial and relational fights that spiral out of control. Nonetheless, any conviction or even charge has the potential to permanently hurt your reputation.

Wausau, Wisconsin, Domestic Violence Lawyers

Ellison & O'Connor, LLC, our lawyers understand exactly how high the stakes are in your domestic violence case. As experienced criminal defense lawyers with significant trial experience in courtrooms throughout Wisconsin, we will take on your case and vigorously defend your rights.

In every domestic violence case, we guide clients through all of the pitfalls of the domestic violence charge and ensure that all potential negative consequences are discussed. You will know exactly what may happen forward. We are a candid legal defense firm with the experience to defend you against false domestic violence accusations.

Independent Research | Trial Preparation | Aggressive Defense

The key to our success in domestic violence cases is the firm's resourcefulness. We will independently verify the police report, find witnesses, interview individuals in the vicinity and try to find facts that help our clients. Identifying the truth is essential to keeping our clients out of prison.

Whenever possible, we pursue deferred prosecution agreements that allow our clients to move forward with their lives without a domestic violence conviction on their record. Whether you are facing a new domestic violence charge or are dealing with violating a restraining order, our lawyers will represent you using all legal means possible.

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