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Though Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, divorces can still become mired in accusations and arguments. Ellison & O'Connor, LLC, our objective is to guide you through the entire divorce process while protecting your children and your financial assets. Ending a marriage is difficult, but ending a marriage without a skilled family lawyer on your side can lead you to lose things that are important to you.

Finances | Custody | Alimony

In addition to helping clients navigate the family courts and retain custody of their children, we assist family law clients in finding equitable divisions of the marital property. Alimony and spousal support payments can be sources of friction in a divorce. The family law attorneys at our firm have extensive experience assisting residents of Wausau, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas resolve their financial issues.

We conduct an extensive review of both parties' financial situations and attempt to negotiate just settlements and awards. We have found great success using mediation, but we have also found that our clients' best interests are sometimes best served by litigation. In any case, when mediation or negotiations fail, we use our formidable litigation skills to assert our clients' rights in the family law court.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Many child support orders and custody decisions may need to be modified when circumstances change. Whether you are considering moving with your children or have lost your job, a new petition can help you get a child support or custody arrangement that reflects your new circumstances. By being proactive in filing petitions to amend court orders, we help clients avoid violating existing family court orders and avoid being found in contempt.

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