Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Wausau, Wisconsin

The impact of a work injury goes beyond the injury itself. There are numerous medical costs and lost wages to consider in addition to the injury. A particularly severe injury will impact your family's entire financial stability and your future earning potential. At Ellison & O'Connor, LLC, we guide injured Wausau area employees through the workers' compensation process. In workers' compensation cases, we use our extensive legal experience to help create a blueprint that ensures our clients heal, get the financial compensation to which they are entitled and ultimately return to work.

Though construction and manufacturing industries lead to work accidents, they are not alone; many different industries can and do routinely lead to work injuries. The Wisconsin Bureau of Labor Statistics/Occupational Safety and Health Statistics (The Bureau) tracks the number of Wisconsin employees who are injured each year. In the 2012 report -- the most recent year for which data is available -- The Bureau identified the most dangerous occupations in Wisconsin. The list includes:

  • Natural resources and mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Education and health services
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities

Regardless of your occupation or your industry, an experienced workers' compensation lawyer is essential in building a strong claim.

Am I Covered By Wisconsin's Workers' Compensation?

The answer is most likely yes, but only an attorney familiar with your personal case can give you a definitive answer. The workers' compensation laws are so broad that most employees in Wisconsin are covered. However, there are still some exceptions, including:

  • Domestic servants -- Individuals working as maids, gardeners, servers, butlers and cooks may not be covered in some circumstances.
  • Farmworkers -- Some farm employees are not covered under Wisconsin's workers' compensation laws.
  • Volunteers -- Even regular volunteers who volunteer at not-for-profit organizations may not be covered under the state's workers' compensation laws if they receive less than $10/week.

Our Firm Excels At Litigation

Our clients benefit from Keith Ellison extensive trial and litigation experience in workers' compensation cases. Our firm has successfully represented injured workers get the compensation they deserve. All financial settlements need to cover the totality of our clients' injuries and suffering.

We have appealed cases where the monetary awards did not cover our clients' injuries. At our firm, we are focused on the best possible outcome and continue to advocate for injured workers all the way up to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.

With a successful claim under Wisconsin's workers' compensation claims, your benefits may include:

  • Temporary wages while you heal from your injury
  • Temporary partial disability (TPD)
  • Temporary total disability (TTD)
  • Vocational training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Death benefits if the injury leads to a fatality

Let Our Experience Guide You

There is no obligation to hire us once you meet with us during your free consultation. But we bet that when we review your case and lay out the potential options you will realize what so many of other clients say is true. Namely, that the attorneys at Ellison & O'Connor know what they are doing and that they will work hard whether you have a big claim or a small claim.