Criminal Defense Attorneys in Wausau, Wisconsin

With over 50 years of trial and litigation experience, the attorneys at Ellison & O'Connor, LLC, provide elite and comprehensive legal services to clients in and around Wausau, Wisconsin, and the Greater Wausau region. Our firm's background in prosecution gives us unique insight into how the state will build a case against our clients. This is the knowledge that we use to build robust defenses to protect our clients' rights.

Upholding The Constitution And Defending Your Rights

While some firms may shy away from criminal defense, our full-service law firm takes the opposite approach. We both enjoy and excel at litigation and trial, and when this is combined with our commitment to defending the rights of individuals accused of committing a crime, we are able to build a strong case for our clients' freedom.

Additionally, our extensive knowledge of business and commercial litigation makes us uniquely qualified to assist clients accused of committing white collar crimes related to embezzlement and fraud. Our lawyers are skilled in all phases of the legal process and whether you are facing a DUI/OWI charge or dealing with money laundering issues, we can help. Our trial and appellate practice assist clients who are facing various criminal charges, including those that may involve:

Defending Juveniles -- Protecting Their Future

Increasingly, teenagers in Wisconsin are facing legal issues related to DUI/OWI, drug charges and motor vehicle violations. Our attorneys work hard to ensure that juveniles and their parents understand how the criminal process affects them. We defend juveniles with a two-pronged strategy.

Our trial lawyers defend against the charges while also attempting to use all diversionary programs available to keep cases off their record and to minimize the legal and collateral consequences of an arrest or conviction. When it comes to defending juveniles, our criminal law practice is tailored to meet their specific needs as teenagers.

Compassionate And Accessible Attorneys

In addition to maintaining a reasonable fee structure, our attorneys travel to meet with incarcerated clients. Residents who are located in the Greater Wausau should contact our firm to schedule a free consultation.