Drug Charges Attorneys in Wausau, Wisconsin

Wisconsin and the U.S., in general, have seen a rise in drug use. According to the U.S. attorney general, the use of drugs like heroin has become an "epidemic." Increased attention from law enforcement has led to a rise in arrests for the possession, sale, and distribution of narcotics.

If you have been arrested on a drug-related charge in the Wausau area, stay silent and contact an attorney. With a former prosecutor in our firm, we know precisely how to build a compelling criminal defense case that gives you the best chance to stay out of prison. Ellison & O'Connor, LLC, criminal defense lawyers defend clients facing an array of drug-related charges, including:

  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine

Specialized drug courts in Wisconsin combine drug treatment assistance with the drug-free compliance process to help individuals address both the legal charge and the underlying addiction to drugs. As such, whenever we have clients who would benefit from participation in the drug court program, we request that our clients be diverted. In this way, we can decrease the punitive consequences of a normal criminal law proceeding.

Juvenile Drug Defense

Teenagers are especially vulnerable to habitual drug use, and an arrest as an adolescent can have a lifelong impact. Our lawyers vigorously challenge criminal charges. At all times, our goal is to ensure that our clients escape this harrowing situation with minimal negative consequences.

We strive for not-guilty verdicts in every case. However, when this is not possible, we pursue alternatives to incarceration. Marathon County has a number of alternatives to incarceration, which are especially appropriate for teenagers. Programs such as electronic monitoring can allow individuals some degree of freedom while fulfilling court orders.

Experienced Wausau Criminal Defense Lawyers At Ellison & O'Connor, LLC

To protect your future and challenge a drug arrest, contact the experienced trial lawyers at Ellison & O'Connor. We travel to incarcerated clients. Additionally, you can schedule a free consultation by sending our office an email.