OWI/DUI Attorneys in Wausau, Wisconsin

In addition to losing your license, spending time in prison and being crippled by fines and fees, DUI/OWI convictions in Wisconsin carry collateral consequences. If you are a resident of the Wausau area, you should make every effort to fight a DUI/OWI charge. A conviction may impact your ability to get a job, sign a lease or drive a vehicle.

The penalties for a DUI/OWI consequence will depend on how many prior convictions you have on your record. For instance, as a first-time offender, you will not receive jail time but may be forced to pay hundreds of dollars in fines and fees and may lose your license for up to nine months. In contrast, if you are facing a third DUI/OWI you are looking at increased fines, up to one year in jail and potential license suspensions of up to three years.

It is vital that you contact an attorney and challenge every single DUI/OWI charge so that you can avoid facing steep and increasing penalties if you are again pulled over. We will protect your constitutional rights.

Was The Cop Right To Pull Me Over?

One of the chief concerns of many of our clients is whether the initial traffic stop that led to an arrest was in fact legal. In our DUI/OWI defense of our clients, we review the state's evidence and challenge everything from the moment the cop pulled them over to the equipment used to assess their level of intoxication. In fact, we regularly find success in challenging a cop's probable cause for pulling you over.

In numerous DUI/OWI cases in the Greater Wausau region, our attorneys have successfully kept clients out of prison at jury trials and during appeals. Whether we challenge the initial traffic stop, the testimony of the witnesses or your blood alcohol content readings, rest assured that we will challenge each and every aspect of the state's case against you.

Do Not Plead Guilty | Get A DUI Lawyer

If you or your loved one has been arrested for a DUI/OWI, do not plead guilty. You are entitled to a comprehensive legal defense of the charges against you. You may email our firm to discuss your case.