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There are going to be some disputes that can’t be settled without legal action. This may be a dispute with a neighbor about property rights, a business decision, an inheritance-related concern, or filing a lawsuit against companies or individuals for wrongdoings. No matter your situation, our attorneys have the experience to help you find the right solution for you.

As a full-service law firm, we are dedicated to providing you the services you need. We are going to be upfront and honest with you and create a strategy that is best suited to you personally. Taking the necessary time to get to know you, we can establish realistic goals and move forward with confidence.

What is civil litigation?

You have probably heard the term “civil litigation” many times but never fully understood what it means from a legal standpoint. The answer is really quite simple: civil litigation is taking legal action in any case aside from criminal, family, and bankruptcy law. To give you an idea of the wide reach of civil litigation, here is a list of examples that fall under civil law:

  • Neighborhood and housing disputes
  • Discrimination and violation of civil rights
  • Employee/employer disputes
  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Small claims court
  • Financial disputes
  • Property and real estate law
  • Contract law
  • Alimony
  • Debt settlement

The above examples are just to give you an idea of what civil litigation cases look like. Again, criminal, family, and bankruptcy cases, however, are not considered civil cases and should be handled by the criminal defense, family law, and bankruptcy attorneys.

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Litigation versus Mediation

In litigation cases, one or more parties is taking legal action against another one or more parties, which often involves judges and sometimes trial court. In mediation cases, the involved parties try to settle the dispute outside of court. Mediation does not require a judge, but the mediator is often a retired judge or a highly-experienced attorney — usually of seniority.

There are many reasons an experienced attorney may advise litigation for your case. The other party involved may be uncooperative, or your attorney may determine litigation will yield a better outcome than could be won through mediation. A skilled civil defense attorney will give you a better chance at successfully winning your case. With their knowledge of and familiarity with the law, an experienced attorney will help you with all the steps and procedures of filing a claim and will help you with all the necessary paperwork that often causes added stress on your shoulders.

Can I represent myself in civil litigation cases?

The law allows persons to represent themselves in civil cases. However, you not only better your chances of success by hiring a civil litigation attorney, but you also lessen your stress by putting it on their shoulders. A judge is likely to take your argument with more consideration if you are represented by an attorney. Having legal representation also gives more weight to your side of the argument, and your lawyer will be prepared for whatever the other side throws your way.

At Ellison & O'Connor, our attorneys are dedicated to helping you resolve your problems and restore balance to your life. Working with our firm, you can expect professionalism and open communication. We will never leave you in the dark, and we will help you every step of the way.

Don’t go it alone. If you are embroiled in a civil dispute, a litigator (civil litigation attorney) can move your case along with efficiency and accurately pursue the outcome most suited to your interests. Give us a call today and put our skills and knowledge to work for you.

Civil Litigation Attorneys Serving Wausau, Wisconsin

Stuck in a civil dispute? Do you have a business requiring litigation? Are you trying to obtain assets that are rightfully yours? Contacting a civil litigation attorney to advise you on your business and personal legal needs is the best way to determine which road to take in order to reach a solution to your situation. Call us today for help.